About the Doctor

Dr. Margaret Zadnik-O’Connell

Dr. Margaret Zadnik-O’Connell earned a dual B. S. degree in chemistry and biology from Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.

She joined the School of Dental Medicine at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) with magna cum laude recognition.

Dr Zadnik-O’Connell moved to Long Island, NY, and completed her residency, specializing in orthodontics from Stony Brook University.

She thoroughly enjoys her practice in orthodontics. The happy smiles from her patients and parents she comes across daily are enough indications how well our practice is appreciated.

Dr. Zadnik-O’Connell and her husband, Chip, have 3 very active children.

They fill their pleasure time with family and friends. They are also into playing baseball, running, boating, travelling, and peaceful visits to the arboretum.